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Why You Are Always One Decision Away From Improving Your Life
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Why You Are Always One Decision Away From Improving Your Life
Good Habits Help Build Strong Character Do you know of any issue holding you back from improving your life at present? It may be a resource like money, better living conditions, access to certain services or information? Although I'm not going to discount the value of these things could improve our lives However, it is generally our thoughts that are the main obstacle that holds us back as we believe them. In this instance I spoke to one of my clients who shared she almost didn't make she made it to her gym in one morning. The thoughts she had in her head convinced her that she was tired, so she reasoned that it wasn't worth the effort. However, she went to the gym after all and, not but she felt better and more relaxed, but she couldn't believe that her thoughts had ruined her workout one hour earlier. Had she succumbed to her thoughts, she could have avoided going to the gym, and regretted her decision in the future. For more detail please visit:- Have you encountered something similar in the areas of your life? This happens to me frequently; though, I've learned not to trust my thoughts but stick to my intentions and goals instead. Our thoughts are saboteurs that make it impossible to achieve our goals and our best intentions. The evolutionary psychologists believe that this blocking our thoughts is an adaptive strategy to protect us from danger. In the modern world that we live in today, the danger we experienced hundreds of years ago isn't prevalent anymore. However, our biology hasn't changed given we still use an identical mental model that allows us to make crucial decisions. So, what do you think this means to you? You're one step away of transforming your life which could have a profound impact. The key is to better know our thoughts so that we don't succumb to the enemy that tries to convince us that things seem more complicated than they really are. Nowadays, everyone talks about the need for more motivation. I'm not convinced that motivation is the main issue since it can only help you get there and if you don't have motivation then what happens? We must make the right choices and establish good habits that lead to an exemplary characters. I'm not talking about the character that defines you as a bad or good person. I'm talking about character where you commit to your goals and purpose and stick to them regardless of what. For instance, if your plan is to workout four times each week, the character dictates that you will show up for four days each week, with the exception of when you are sick. Are you comfortable with the belief that the next move you make will impact your life in ways you never imagined? Then I hear you think: "Tony, I make choices every day and none of them have changed my life." Granted, but are you making choices from a position of fear anxiety, regret or are you motivated by inspiration and enthusiasm? The latter is more likely to strengthen your commitment to your goals and mission while the former undermines it. It is dependent on your character. If you violate your commitments, we lose trust in our own character. We have to do what we say we're going to do as long as it is tied to the correct intention. We must therefore understand our motivations. Like, for instance, are you striving to improve our life or are we trying to escape something deleterious? Accept The Fate Of Our Decisions The choices we make can enrich the quality of our lives since they are based on our values and our purpose. According to psychologists, the pleasure principle is the reason why people seek pleasure and avoid suffering as much as is possible. However, pain can strengthen our character and increase our dedication to our goals. Through pain, we can recognize the things that matter for us, and to let the unnecessary or unproductive actions. Be careful not to be a pleasure seeker but understand our underlying motives better. Are you starting to feel more confident that your decisions could result in a life of awe when you are certain of your goals? Making that happen requires a deep understanding of ourselves and is a result of the wisdom of experience and knowledge. The most wise people I've met are those who've endured a lot of pain and hardship in their life. They've been through hardship and gained valuable knowledge about themselves in the process. Oscar Wilde once said: "Experience is the hardest teacher; it gives you the test before the lesson." Many people fail to pay attention instructions until they're too late. And even after that, they repeat the same mistakes over and over. To a large extent, they are as if mice are running around the maze, not knowing what rules to follow. But the choices we make can be very powerful and alter our life, provided they align with our highest goals. It's not mandatory to make difficult choices that sway our lives. Perhaps we're able make such decisions when we're young however, as we grow older, we ought to take our lessons from our experiences and make well-informed choices. At some point, we must believe in yourself and be able to accept the consequences of our choices instead of assuming that life is difficult. We are powerful creatures and many aren't aware of the power of their bodies and are resigned to the status quo. It is through pain and pleasure that we can learn how our choices can impact our lives if we examine them thoughtfully. Knowing this, I'd like you to reflect on your recent choices. Were they aligned with your ideals, or were they based on impulsive decisions? Think about: "What is important to me and what am I willing to sacrifice to attain this?" Follow these principles and I'm confident that the next decision you make can improve your life beyond what you ever imagined.

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