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Online Marketing – Back to Basics
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Online Marketing – Back to Basics
Radio and TV advertising budgets dipped in the year, however all reports suggest that marketing budgets for online are rising, in spite of the global recession threatening to consume as many. Recent surveys conducted by Shape the Future, E-consultancy as well as the Internet Advertising Bureau all predict significant and consistent increases in the amount of online advertising spending during 2009/2010. Marketers will use the online resources available that are available to help them beat the storm of economic uncertainty. Websites, blogs, and emails can all be used to be interactiveand tailor messages and promotions as they happen. The potential to create the real-time, one-to one marketing that is available online is enormous, but old rules are still in place. If your client is online or in your store, brand experience must be constant. A consistent look and feel is a requirement, but this is also true for the performance online marketing bureau Eindhoven of your website. An effective campaign that includes print ads, display advertising and paid search will be wasted if website pages are slow to load or your site is crashing under the pressure of the traffic you have successfully brought to it. Website visitors will only give you couple of seconds to show your worth. Research shows that just 55% of online marketers think that online campaigns can withstand large volumes of traffic that aren't expected, and over 80% of respondents acknowledge the harm to a brand that is caused by a website's downtime or inefficiency. If they're aware of the possibility of brand damage caused by a poor online experience, should they not be demanding more from the infrastructure that supports them? Increases in traffic on any website will impact upon the experience of visitors without the necessary planning to accommodate it. When an integrated marketing campaign has cost thousands of dollars or even millions of pounds the online component needs to keep up with the marketing bureau Eindhoven demand. Marketers need to start asking questions to the internal technical support department or agency they're working with to make sure this does not occur. Here are some areas to consider when planning your online marketing campaigns for the year 2010. An online presence should include the capability to develop and implement a solution that can scale as your campaign or website increases in the content and the number of visitors. If you are looking to expand your presence on the internet over a 24 month period or are running a 3 month campaign that is attracting millions of people from across the globe Flexible and "burstable" contract options are available with different bandwidth options. Before you start, consider what you want to take place on your site and talk about it with the individual or the company who is responsible for maintaining your website. If your website features an extensive product catalogue with advanced zoom technologies and guided navigation then you can be sure that your server infrastructure is divided into web servers and more. To ensure that your website is running efficiently of every feature of your site, your infrastructure needs to be planned with servers that can pack a powerful power when it comes to processor power. If your website's has a seasonal traffic, then it is essential to have the option of changing the way your infrastructure is being utilized. For instance, you can use servers for user acceptance testing before peak times of the season and then returning them to the live system as soon as your campaign launches. Alongside thinking about what features are in your website Additionally, you must think about what your customers will be doing and when they'll be able to arrive. Load balancing helps make sure that visitors are properly distributed but also to ensure that downloading files or pictures is speedy and available continuously. Load balancing is a method of spreading traffic between two or more servers or other resources, maximizing the speed of downloads and minimizing response times , helping to achieve that internet marketing eindhoven  ultimate goal of providing a pleasant user experience. A delay of only two seconds is all that it takes to lose an online client and the associated potential revenue. Alongside load balancing, another method of improving the user experience is to focus on your most valuable customers by implementing traffic management guidelines. If you can identify the most expensive users by IP address , or identify patterns from the usual routes on your site The way users navigate through a website can be prioritised for certain segments of your group of customers. This is especially useful when the buyer has everything they want in their basket and is making their purchase. By making the checkout process the fastest possible you will ensure that you don't let people go missing at this all important point of conversion. 2009 has seen a significant increase in people purchasing music files, films and books online. Rights owners and artists, who are determined not to miss out on this lucrative income stream, have taken advantage of the possibility of selling online, with different degrees of success. A worldwide launch for a product will give plenty of room to plan, particularly with regard to the site's capacity that should allow for thousands of people to download files simultaneously. An excellent way of dealing the issue is to make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. The basic idea is that your managed hosting infrastructure is linked to a global system of servers that are called caching servers. Customers get redirected to the server geographically closest to them so that they can get the desired file on the server. The strain on the hosting infrastructure is distributed over the network, which enhances speed and provides a better experience for customers - irrespective of the location of the client. The potential offered by digital marketing is huge. It's a flexible medium that allows you to dynamically interact with your audience quickly and efficiently. But, it also lets customers to move from your website to the site of a competitor with great ease. With 31.6 million members of the UK public using the Internet The opportunity offered by online marketing is too huge to not be taken seriously. Don't take the risk of it not working, plan performance properly right from the very start of every campaign.

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