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Are Houston Police Corrupt?
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Are Houston Police Corrupt?
In every town, there are those who appreciate the police force as well as those who do not like at the presence of the police. In every town, there are "good cops" and "bad cops." In Houston there appears to be a growing consensus among the public that police in Houston police are nothing more than bullies hidden behind badges, doing whatever they can to terrorize people of a city that is thriving. There are likely to be people who encourage the evil the police, however a glance at the city's local forums and websites that provide information on police incidents will tell you that Houston police officers are a bit tense. The problem doesn't end with police officers. In fact, the security staffers of Houston appear to be taking some kind of power-trip. A man who was at the Texas Renaissance Festival with his wife and two children was snatched from his throat and his arm bent to the back. He was removed Police Corruption forcibly from the festival and warned of prison time after asking a security guard where the restroom was. The question was posed near closing time, and the person was not permitted to inform his family members of where the man was taken. In one instance in one incident, a police officer killed and wounded a 15-year-old boy during a case of mistaken identity . He was granted six months of time off. In Bellaire Two young men were wounded (one suffered a chest injury) when a police officer took them to the ground and then accused of driving the vehicle they stole. The men were unarmed and the officer did not declare himself an official of the law. Instead, he simply approached the men, threatening them to be thrown to the ground, and then pushed their mother, who was one of them against the wall as she walked out to observe what was going on. In October 2008, five police officers were offered a plea bargain after being found guilty of accepting bribes to obstruct illegal activities in a range of Houston cantinas. The police officers instructed the owners of cantinas they had to pay to keep from being arrested . They were permitted to plead to fines and a minimum sentence. A police officer forced an unidentified woman to have sex with him following his arrest of her for shoplifting . She could plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of manipulating a record of the government. How do you feel about the whole thing? What do the police officers in your neighborhood of Houston? Are you having any unwelcome encounters, or are the police in your area friendly and respectable? Sure, there are many police officers who are excellent at their job and offer a valuable services in the areas they are serving. How have you found the local law enforcement agency like? Are you feeling safe or are you scared of the police force in your area as you are of criminals who might be running around?

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