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3 Handy Tips for Writing the IELTS Test
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3 Handy Tips for Writing the IELTS Test
If you're thinking of taking the IELTS test, then examine the academic requirements and then decide whether you'll be taking either the traditional version of the test or for the version. The test for academics is designed for those looking to further their education, while the general test is used for reasons of immigration or for work experience. If you're not sure which test is suitable for you, then a certified IELTS training organisation can help you arrange the correct test. The IELTS test is composed of four parts; listening, reading and writing. Writing is the section of the test which has the lowest average score. This article will cover 3 ways to improve your writing abilities to achieve better marks on your IELTS test: 1. Sentences Every sentence you write must be clear and specific, and should be a reference to one particular point. There aren't any rigid rules on sentence length, around 9 to 16 words is typically enough. If a paragraph is long, it can make it more difficult to keep up with grammar. Additionally, the likelihood of a reader comprehending an entire sentence that addresses many topics is extremely ielts english exam low. One of the causes of students failing on their examinations is due to sentences that have too much length. 2. Linking Your Sentences When you write sentences, it's an excellent idea to connect sentences together to explain your argument. This can help you compose a paragraph that will make sense. Here are some examples of words to begin the sentence after you make a point: o As such It is an illustration that This evidence proves It is clear that 3. Essay Structure A standard essay structure consists of three components: introduction paragraphs (body) and a concluding paragraph. The introduction is a general outline of what you'll discuss in the body or your essay. Make use of it to establish your argument and outline the topics Inbound marketing Helsinki that you'll be addressing in the portion of your article. Then, you can write in your body paragraphs to go over specific points. It is recommended to include a paragraph devoted to each of the points you're making. The conclusion of the essay then provides a summary of what you discussed in the body of the essay. It also bolsters the main point you made. Here is an easy and efficient essay structure that you can follow to help you: Introduction - Briefly describe the topic that is being discussed (first sentence) - State your view/opinion/hypothesis (second sentence) - Link your hypothesis to the topic (i.e. link the first sentence to the 2nd sentence) (third sentence) - State the points the essay will cover. If you choose two topics, allow one paragraph for each (fourth sentence) Body Paragraphs Write a paragraph on each topic you'll be covering. This should be noted in your introduction (first sentence) - Note an example to show your argument (second sentence) - Connect the example you've shared to the point at the end of your sentence (third sentence) - Wrap up the paragraph by connecting the idea you made to your hypothesis (fourth sentence) - If you are making three factors in the essay then include a body paragraph for each of them. Conclusion - Summarise the body that you wrote in a couple of sentences - Restate your argument Finalize with a couple of recommendations If you use these strategies, you'll cut down the time needed to plan your essay and the writing should be easier. Once you have the confidence to write sentences and connect them together, you've got the knowledge you require to write a basic essay template. If you employ these strategies to help you write your essay for the IELTS writing test, it can aid you in improving your scores. The IELTS trainers and instructors in our program all have excellent backgrounds in teaching English. All of our instructors have over 30-years of English and IELTS teaching experience.

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