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Why in the World Do People Blog?
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Why in the World Do People Blog?
Blogging has become a normal part of life for lots of people in our society as we become increasingly connected with the internet. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term blog, it is short for "web log". According to Blogs are described as a site which is maintained by an individual who regularly posts blog entries that contain commentary, descriptions of events or other content such as images or videos. People write blogs for a variety of reasons. These include: 1. To provide information on subjects that they are interested in. 2. to share thoughts and opinions on topics that interest you. 3. For personal journals or diary of their daily life Let's look at the various reasons in greater detail. 1. To provide information on topics that are interesting to them. If you're an expert on a particular subject, and would like to inform others about that issue, blogging is an ideal way to go about it. In general, there is no cost to set up and the blog (i.e. is a great site that allows you to set up blogs for free) and you can have the chance to reach a lot more people by the web than if wrote a physical newspaper or book. Besides, blogging also gives you the opportunity to post information about your topic whenever you want. 2. to express opinions and thoughts on topics that interest you. We all have opinions on all sorts of things that is current, like current events or subjects that are of interest. What better way to express your opinions than by creating blogs? A blog doesn't have to be made by an individual. It can be made by an entity like a news or TV program where viewers have the option of sending emails about the topics discussed on the air. The emails are then published TCL BLOG on the TV show or news blog for everyone to read. This in turn gives people an opportunity to interact with each others' emails or blog posts. 3. To create a private journal or diary of the day-to-day activities of their life In certain ways, blogging could be considered to be a computerized method to maintain a personal journal or diary. Before computers were in existence the people kept journals in which they wrote down the details of their most intimate and personal thoughts. The problem with written diaries is that they can't be read by anyone unless the author actually gives them to someone else to read. A blog on the contrary on the other hand, can be used by millions of readers. Most of us will not be a celebrity, and the media would serve as the medium to record what we think and what we do. Instead, blogs give people the chance to get to know each other by just talking about the small, everyday things that matter most. Blogs are a chance for people to develop an image of themselves for decades to come. Does everyone need to start a blog? Well, that is personal preference -- I believe it's based on what you intend to use the blog to serve. If you have a passion about something and want the world to know about it, then you should blog. If you are a company and you wish to remain in contact with your customers , by giving customers the chance to speak their opinions about your products and/or service write. If you'd like for people to have access to your most private and intimate thoughts, because you believe your thoughts are worth sharing to be shared, then you should start a blog. I started blogging because I would like people to have something they can be able to remember me by. My blog is an overview of who I am and what I did in my personal life. The number of blog sites is staggering on the web today. If you make the decision to start a new one, it will most likely be arousing the attention of somebody else. Deidre's Bourne is a young internet marketer and home-based businesswoman that is looking to network and communicate with people who share an interest in self improvement or home-based businesses, as well as real mortgages on real estate. I also like to write articles that can serve as an information source as well as encouragement and motivation to others. My goal is to connect with as many people as I can to exchange ideas and learn from one another.  

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