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Tips on Starting a New Blog
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Tips on Starting a New Blog
You are thinking of starting an New Blog? Blogs are, or as they were formerly known, Weblogs are increasingly popular with people who want to start their own website. The overly complicated nature of more traditional websites have been mostly vanquished with the increased user friendliness and flexibilities of the Blog platform. The process of starting a blog has never been simpler as almost every hosting provider utilizes any kind of automated software to install your chosen Blog platform. But the process of starting a new Blog still requires some decisions to be taken. Below are some suggestions to help the new Blogger taking those crucial decisions. A Couple of Simple Guidelines for Starting a blog Your first choice when you start a new Blog is whether to opt for a cost-free Blog that is provided by these resources like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and so on. or to create an individual domain, and purchase private hosting. These blogs are great to test the waters but you're likely to benefit from the paid solution. Search engines appear to prefer private domain names, you have more freedom in the design and functionality as well as more freedom with advertising. The remainder of these tips for starting a Blog are applicable to private Blogs. When you are starting your first Blog, you need to take into consideration the design and functionality. IMO it is well worth spending between $30 and $50 on a premium theme - as they are generally coded and designed more efficiently, plus you will have support from the designer should any problems occur. There are several blogging platforms to choose from. Most popular is WordPress and powers around 22% of not just Blogs, but of all new websites! WordPress has the highest flexibility, support and user friendliness of all the Blogging platforms and makes it an ideal choice for those who is starting a new blog. If you decide to go with the WordPress platform, one of the most useful beginning of a Blog strategies is to make the most of plugins that ensure security and administration of starting a new Blog simpler and more effective. For example, Secure-WP to improve safety, Spam Free WordPress to remove spam comments, as well as W3 Total Cache to improve site opening speeds. Visit:- Last but not least, the most important suggestions for starting a Blog I can give is pick a topic you have an desire to learn about! Beginning a new Blog should be a fun experience, giving you to voice your thoughts and ideas online. It can be quite difficult to be passionate about something you have no interest in - and this can be seen in your writing! Get Your Website Noticed through SEO The primary challenge for those who are starting a blog is attracting visitors and generating interest. The most effective method for this is via SEO The foundation to every SEO campaign is building links. Here are a few basic blog tips for effective SEO: Patience - Not an exact suggestion but it's the best advice I can offer for the beginning of a new blog. It is important to be patient. If you start getting thousands of visitors each month at the beginning it's fantastic! However, the most effective and popular websites develop over time. Another reason it's essential to select an area that you're keen on, so you don't lose enthusiasm. A key tips on starting a new Blog is to start slowly! Don't create more than you can handle at one time. For a new site I would suggest a maximum of 20-35 per day. The reason for this is Google could put your website in the sandbox - blacklist your site - if it believes you're employing spammy methods to market your website. Create a wide range of backlinks. Google is not one of the search engines that likes to see an "footprint" of any kind. If all your links originate from article directories or other blogs and they don't place you in the top position. There are plenty of sources which you can make links with - Article Directories and Web 2.0 properties, Social Bookmarks, Press Release sites, Video sites, profile links Be creative and diverse when starting the blog of your choice. I hope that these suggestions for starting a blog have been of use! Patience and persistence are two key elements you need to possess when starting a new Blog. Speaking from personal experience It's extremely frustrating to see zero results after a huge effort, but as time passes, your effort will pay off!  

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