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Taking Care of Your Gold and Diamond Jewellery
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Taking Care of Your Gold and Diamond Jewellery
Jewellery is one of the most sought-after and adored accessories that enhances your style and can be an expression of wealth and self-confidence during any event. This makes it even more crucial to learn how to take care of and protect your precious gold and diamond jewellery to ensure its shine and lustre since one mistake could see you pay a big price.Shobha Shringar gives you some guidelines for taking care of your Diamond and Gold Jewellery so that the heirlooms are kept shining for the generations to come. PROTECT THE DIAMONDS AND PRECIOUS STONES Diamonds can be precious gems which may lose their shine and sparkle if you are constantly touching them. This is because the oils that you rub your hands with pass into the diamond, and then make it dull. Jewellery must be protected from heat, moisture and harsh chemicals or fragrances. For more detail please visit:- AVOID CONTACT WITH DUST AND CHEMICALS It is highly recommended that you remove your jewellery before attempting any work that involves sharp objects or chemicals. It is also advisable to take off your jewellery before going into a pool or showering with soap because soap and chlorine have the potential to negatively affect diamonds and metals. Soap can create an oily film on diamonds that is not removed by simple washing, while sweat and bleach could wear off the shine of diamonds and precious stones. WEAR WITH CARE Jewellery should always be worn at the end - after dressing up and using cosmetics or hairsprays so that they don't stain or cause harm to your jewellery. In case of use of high-end makeup, ensure that the makeup has dried before jewelry is worn. Also, remember to remove your accessories when you're working with various ingredients and products. Remove your earrings prior to styling or colouring your hair, to avoid the hair from being caught on combs or brushes. Make sure you remove your earrings and rings at the salon. GENTLE CLEANING Make sure to clean your jewelry gently using either a soft cloth, or specific methods and solutions to get rid of any dust or oil that may have accumulated on the stones or between the metal detailing. A soft cloth is sufficient to clean your jewellery gently, but in case a piece of jewelry requires a thorough cleaning, ensure that you use the prescribed and correct procedure. Don't overdo it with gemstones set. Make sure to use soft brushes as harsh brushes may wear off the metal's top layer and decrease the sparkle of gems. The gold bands are cleaned by hot water. However, if that same gold is adorned with gems or precious stones like onyx or emeralds, keeping them in water for a long time can be harmful. STORE PROPERLY Keep gold jewelry separate from other rings made of metal since they can scratch gold easily. It is preferential to store gold jewellery separately. It is suggested to wrap your jewelry in soft tissue prior to the storage process, as it can absorb excess moisture and oils and keep them from discoloration. Jewellery can be maintained better when stored in sponge or padded boxes with distinct sections. It is the most important step to ensure that the gemstones or diamonds aren't damaged or scratched. SEEK PROFESSIONAL ADVICE If in doubt, seek expert advice instead of trying to figure it out. Overly oily conditions can cause prongs to become loose and could result in the loss of precious gems if this isn't checked regularly. It is important to ensure that the mounting is secure. Checks on your jewelry regularly for gold and Diamond Jewellery can be done to make sure it's in great condition.

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