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Get Out of Your Own Way and Start Living the Life of Your Dreams
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Get Out of Your Own Way and Start Living the Life of Your Dreams
Chances are strong that the person who hurts you the most is not your indifferent boss or spouse who doesn't support you, or even your eccentric neighbor. It's the one who is likely to hurt you most and stop you from achieving true happiness is you. That's right. You are your personal worst enemy. You're putting yourself in a bind. Do yourself the favor of getting away from your own way. Who is it to tell me that I am putting myself back, you might say. Well, I am somebody who was there, who was in that unhappy state in "having it all". I lived too many of the years of my life working for everybody else and not me. I always wanted to become the ideal mom and wife. I also wanted to be being the best employee. At present, I just need to be completely satisfied. The main thing I want to do is for each day to be the best day of my life. Okay, how did you get to the point I'm at? Unfortunately, I'm not able to tell you. There isn't a magic pill or special potion; no predetermined path for you to follow. It is up to you have to figure it out on your own. I'll say this , however, regardless of how much effort you invest in it, no matter what sacrifices you must make the end result will be worth it. Visit:- I'm also able to tell you this; that the first thing you must deal with is you. It is likely that you have to think about things in a different way. You have to stop seeing obstacles and instead look for opportunities. You must become an optimist and never quit. Also, you must not get in your own way and letting your worries and doubts control you. It's not impossible to have doubts and anxieties but they aren't able to control what you do. For me, I needed be able to release a lot of the things that were causing me to mess me up. I needed to stop blaming others for my issues and start making myself accountable for my own troubles. I had to quit holding an illusion that a higher salary or a bigger house was going to give me joy and they never did. I also was forced to let go my expectations from others. Instead of trying to be everything for everyone, I am now focusing on what is most important to me - myself and my children. Although it may sound selfish but ultimately it has allowed me to become more capable of giving to others. What a wonderful way to give back. I would like to encourage you all to reach for your dreams and work hard to achieve your ultimate happiness. Everyone deserves it, and if you have children, you cannot possibly expect to be satisfied without first. Good luck and remember to Live, Work and Have amusement. Sara Morgan is the author of No Limits: How I got out of the shackles of Corporate America to live the independent life of my hopes and dreams". She is an independent web developer and is currently working on a series of DIY guides for those who wish to create their own professional-looking websites.  

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