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Climate Change and Environmental Protection
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Climate Change and Environmental Protection
"Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global average sea level." " - IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. We've moved on from the question of the question of whether Climate Change is happening or it isn't. The global average surface temperature record clearly shows a persistent and growing upward trend. glaciers are melting, and the sea level is rising. Some believe that the norm for the planet is change, and they would be 100% correct. What is happening right today is an unprecedented, non-natural change that is likely to affect the world all over the world, quite negatively . Most of the increase in global average temperatures since in the 20th century's mid-century is likely due to rises in greenhouse gas produced by humans concentrations. Human influence is evident in many others manifestations of Climate Change. There is no doubt that we have and continue to alter the climate system. Unfortunately, at the very least for the next 20 years, we've already set up our bed that now beckons to be used to sleep in. Since there is a "lag" in the climate system, due to processes like feedbacks and the ability in the ocean to absorb heat in the coming 20 years is a given. Even if greenhouse gas levels were to remain constant at the 2000 level, there would still be warming over oil mist collectors the next twenty years. This is how sensitive our climate is, currently we're only experiencing the effects of greenhouse gases (and other man-made impacts) release several decades ago. The impact of our current actions will not be fully realized until the next century. We are all required to begin thinking carefully about the ways in which people treat each other's planet. I have not touched on the negative implications of Climate Change or a mistreated environment since it's depressing. However, no matter who you are or what you believe, huge global climate change can affect you. Not just the nerds who have a lot of concerns about this. Depressions in the economy, massive displacement of people, droughts, flooding, hunger, and other issues are in the pipeline. I would say that there is a valuable to learn from the experience of what we've done. It is that we can now see that we have the ability to alter the course of our world. Through our decisions and actions we can shape our world the way we wish to. If we all decide to correct our mistakes from the past and alter the future to improve it is possible to. Everyone is in a good position to begin making positive adjustments from...well today. In the beginning, by implementing eco-friendly technologies that lessen our dependence on fossil fuels and such, that we can start to turn the tables to our advantage. Another advantage (I am thinking of it anyway) of running a more efficient life is financial. Many people are recognizing the need for alternative energy and I'm of the opinion that everything was needed. Today, you can generate enough energy with wind and solar power to run a home and you can buy guides that show you how you can convert your car for use on a mix of gas and water and create a kind of hydrogen fuel cell. I'm afraid that I am not in a position to investigate all the different ways to get cheaper and cleaner energy However, I've personally utilized two. I'd recommend building your own solar and wind power system and driving your car using water. I've done them both and they've actually worked. So, if I may suggest something, I'd recommend you to not just take my word for it and check out some efficient techniques. It's not necessary to think about the environmental impact or anything like that, renewable energy will save you a lot of dollars. These links are where I got my renewable energy system from Both are pretty good reviews so you can choose the one that suits you best.

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