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15 Famous Blogs From America!
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15 Famous Blogs From America!
As a younger American living in this beautiful country, I'm proud of it. It should be! Everyone else from other countries ought to feel the same. Happy for a country which has shown its support for the rights of people and their rights, even though they really haven't followed through lately. This is something that I'm not very proud of. Certain things that were stated in the US and the actions made have really hurt its reputation and others around the globe. In the end, let's not discussion of the politics of this article! The internet is a big space. It is growing at a rapid rate since the 90's. The idea of separating blogs and websites belonging to a particular region or country is quite absurd. This means that someone living in Siberia in an igloo may access any blog that will be displayed here. It's like trying to differentiate American Sand and the other sand that is in the entire world. Sand is sand and differentiate between the two is absurd! This article is talking about blogs that are wicked famous and quite bizarre, and originated by America. United States. I just found it interesting to discover those blogs that have the "funny" smell. I actually find them interesting. You're drawn to them, even in the event that " liking" isn't in your thoughts right now." This isn't the type on, "Hey, let's learn something that's new today! " Or, "Let me brush my memory and clean those focals on this particular subject" as it were. For more detail please visit >>> Everyone likes to laugh here and there. If things would be so important, damn. I don't know what the future holds for us. Let us go out from the normal and caste and take pleasure in the blogs that are included here. 1. The Onion It's been placed on the top spot. It's pure American foolishness! It's funny, however. A blog that publishes articles which makes fun of anything extraordinary that has occurred across the country and the world. They have videos on YouTube which have fooled by the thousands. I have been deceived by a clip talking about how Justin Bieber was found dead. However, I discovered that it was a fiction story. LOL 2. Fail Blog A "fail" blog. Was it a failure as an actual blog? Naw. These blogs are really humorous! I mean it's really fun to read the blog and come across humorous headlines and articles. Just like I was scrolling through and some of these headlines I saw, "Changing a Tire FAIL", "Nothing is responding" The events in Vegas is very disturbing to me" and "Yo-Yo Skills Win". It was created in 2008 and then bought in 2009 by the Cheezburger Network. This is an excerpt from Wikipedia about how it gained popularity. Fail Blog "really started to get going after the financial industry made the decision to fail, ahem." 3. PEREZ HILTON Seems like a too sunny day over at this blog. It's a great blog! Particularly the header and design of it! Pink Yo! This blogger is one famous blogger. Everyone in the blogging world has heard about him and his name! Check this out. He said this about blogging "because it was simple." It is probably to some extent but to actually grow it is similar to trying to count the number of hairs that are on the head! It's not easy, is it? His blog covers all the latest celebrity news and gossip that surrounds it, which has caused an uproar in the world. However, it's a it's a pretty good blog, Perez. 4. The Daily Beast A political blog. It's not exactly a fan but "it's time to change some of them!" But they're not doing much! I guess it is similar to Perez's blog. It is this time awash in the realm of politics. 5. Mashable Hey. I'm sure of that one! Dude? How is this a strange one? There was no need to add this one to poke fun at! I am really enjoying this blog because it's exactly like the content it provides to my blog. I have added Mashable because they've been working for so long to create incredible content that is funny inside! This deserves to be on the list! They discuss all the information on social media. "but it also provides information and updates in mobile and entertainment, online video and web development, business, technology, memes and other gadgets." - Wikipedia Go check it out! You'll be enthralled! 6. Brain Pickings Haha love the logo. Toothpicks are being removed from the man's head. Another blog I'm not familiar with. Based on what I've seen it appears to be a blog that helps us learn something new in the world or enthral our minds with a fantastic achievement! Creative stuff there! 7. Laughing Squid Similar to the blog that was just viewed over us. Creative people like myself have a lot to learn from these two blogs. Don't be lazy I went to the"about" page to see precisely what this blog is all about. "Laughing Squid showcases interesting technologies, art, and culture from around the web." We need to be aware of! 8. Pink Sith The header! Is that Darth Vader with boobs! It's true, this is the first time I saw Darth Vader changed to somewhat of a lady! It's pretty cool anyhow! This blog is written and owned by Elvira with articles written about makeup and cosmetics. Ladies? 9. TreeHugger No! This blog isn't about the environment, or the notion that you should hug trees! No! The name also caught my eye. This tells me to write this. Create a unique and interesting name for your website. It's a nutty psychological trick that could draw people to your site. It's always a thrill for me. A name that is creative always leaves me wondering what the site is about. "TreeHugger is the largest media outlet that focuses on making sustainability mainstream." 10. Boing Boing It's a blog that's familiar to some of you since is was established around 2000. The thing that was fascinating was to read about the history of Boing Boing was first a magazine. It then became an online site, and then eventually a blog. Boing Boing seems to talk about news that is interesting every day and perhaps science and corruption? Don't know. 11. OMG Facts OMG! Did I include this site in the list? Haha yea! A blog that talks about random things and OMG events. Similar similar to Fail Blog at the beginning. 12. It is believed that the people this blog should read for are the ladies. Do not believe it! Take a look at the picture above and look at the title. What does it mean. "Food. Fat." and Feminism! I told you it was specifically for ladies. Haha I am just playin"with you guys. I was stumped in the beginning when I found this blog. If you take a look at the name, how could you be wrong? But I was wrong and you were too. It's ok! 13. Social Media Examiner The "world's biggest social media site and magazine". I love the layout of this blog that has the theme of safari. Very well done on presenting a blog about tools you can use and instructions to maximize your potential within the Social media world. 14. Sweep Tight A site that makes you want to clean your home right now! From here it makes you. But if you go straight to the blog, that might change. Makes you kinda sleepy. The name of the blog is again the reason for its inclusion in this list. 15. Copyblogger Not the least , is the Copyblogger. Everyone in here has to know about this blog! It was left to the end because it's my absolute favorite blog to go to. For bloggers, reading should be a daily habit. Form reading is where the source of inspiration can be found.  

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